What Do Seniors Need?

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What Do Seniors Need?

Candice Williams, Author

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Coming into the final years of high school, seniors need to acknowledge the opportunities available to them. Career Coach Christine Williams presents all of the following information for a senior’s needs.

When thinking of their futures at college, seniors first think of tuition and book money (i.e, how can I get some?), and “loans” strike fear into students’ hearts; however, loans and grants aren’t substandard. 

“Students need to complete their Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) to help them get scholarships, grants, and loans,” says Mrs. Williams, who also encourages students and parents to schedule with her to assist in helping with all of these responsibilities. Even with this, kids have the ability to go down many different paths. 

Students interested in going into the military can meet several military recruiters throughout the year, during enrichment(s) A and B.“I have multiple seniors every year that don’t want to go to college at all, but they do want to go off the military or branches such as the army.”

Seniors may decide they want to get a trade and go to work, so they’re assisted with going to the training sites to get certified for that job. Many students want to go to college, the school assures it will help with that application process, if needed. Any student can go to their counselors or the Career Coach for specific help. 

Seniors need to complete several steps to guarantee they’re prepared for college.  They first have to create their Federal Student Aid ID (FSA ID), which will help with the FAFSA application process. 

“FASFA is important to complete because scholarships, grants, and loans require this. Completing my FASFA was actually pretty easy. It only took me a day to finish my FASFA, and about two business days to receive all of my confirmation back,” says senior Mia Null.

“I go into senior classes to help students register for that. Students can come to my office during enrichment, and the counselors can also help. Financial aid is the most essential thing seniors can have; it helps pay for college. Financial aid opened up October 1st, but students can still get this.”

With October 2018 representing Arkansas College Application Campaign Month, many important dates rise as things to keep an eye on. These dates include October 18th, College Planning Night, or the College Fair, which takes place at 5:00pm in the WHS Cafeteria. On October 19th, Tri-Apply Day took place, where all seniors complete various college applications. Tuesday, October 23rd, seniors have the opportunity to go about with a fictional life to see how they might survive in the real world through a production of “Get Real, Here’s the Deal.”

 An opportunity will arise on Monday, October 29th for a select group of seniors to go and share what college and career means to them to a group of 2nd graders at Wynne Primary, in what some call “Reflections: Class of 2019 & Class of 2029.”

“The younger students look up to our seniors and think of them almost like superstars. We are providing them an opportunity to see where they will be in 10 years,” said Mrs. Williams.