Golf Season Coming to an End: Hitting Our Drive

Jarida Lily Hess, Editor

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The golf season’s almost over, and the team has gone above and beyond with their scores this year. The girls placed runner-up in a recent conference, and the boys placed first in there recent conference on September 19, 2018. The team started officially training in July, from 3:45 to 6 on some days. Senior Maggie Miller stated that the team started playing matches in August, and played 3-4 tournaments before school even started, with 2-3 matches a week.

“My first two years we won the conference, and last year we got runner-up in a Northeast Arkansas competition. We also won a tournament this year,” says senior Margaret Miller, who also won an individual medal this year.

When asked whether the golf team sees as much publicity as the other sports, Coach Moore said: “Yes, the Wynne High School supports the team a lot, providing lots of backbone for us.”

The team often gathers for practice at the Ridges at Village Creek, which holds a large golf course for practice and tournaments to take place. At practice, the players learn to do things like hitting their drive and hitting their tee shot. It also teaches them various skills like honesty when reporting their score which will help later on in life.

Miller remarked on how well the team gets along: “We’re all really dedicated.” Many of the players don’t intend to go into golf in the future, but they have recognized how useful golf can become when needing something relaxing for recreational purposes.