Tennis Season Begins

Photo: Senior London Parsons hits a ball against Stuttgart

Jarida Lily Hess, Editor

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The tennis season has just begun, and they have already played several matches against opposing schools. Winning 7 out of 14 matches this past Thursday, September 13 against Stuttgart, the team gives their all to the sport. Though they may not have the best publicity, many people care for tennis, and so we should too.

The team practices from the beginning of June until the end of the season on October 2, with a district tournament. Practice lasts from 4:15 to 5:15 every day after school, which focuses on things like coordination, dribbling, and finding the center of their rackets. They then choose to focus on things suggested to them from community feedback.

From this practicing, junior Emily Roberts finds that she quite enjoys “the little victories you get when you finally get a serve down or you learn that new skill or just the little goals you meet; I think that’s really rewarding, especially since it’s my first year. I’m learning so much.”

Though the tennis season lasts only a month, and most players aren’t interested in it as a future career, both the players and the coach view tennis as a great way to have fun and stay active. Senior London Parsons says “I mainly just play for recreational purposes. When I play I’m just there to have a good time,” while Roberts states that “when I first joined I just did it for fun, but now it teaches me a lot of life lessons and skills like time management and teamwork.”

They do the very best that they’re able to, and that’s saying a lot. One student, Jennifer Haines, even played over 65 matches in one day, proving that dedication’s no easy thing to come by. Coach Adam Goins says “The rationale that I enjoy it is that they’re out there for a reason. They’re out there because they want to be out there. It’s not mandatory for them to do that. With athletes, they put in the effort. I don’t have to put on a horse and pony show; I don’t have to find ways to make them motivated to do the work that is needed. They see the connection between doing the work and the payoff, even if it’s a long way away.”

For sure the athletes take the time to hit their shot, serve the winning ball, and show school pride to WHS. Parsons gives advice to future athletes: “I would tell them to always focus on keeping their cool even when the game gets competitive. If you get frustrated, then the game becomes more about beating your opponent than just enjoying the game.”
Nothing’s done without effort, and the athletes tap into their dedication every time they play.

UPDATE: Tennis players Jennifer Haines and Emily Roberts placed at their recent conference.