We have Hammer, but what about Honey?

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We have Hammer, but what about Honey?

Annabelle Evans, Contributor

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The heart of Wynne Yellowjacket football games, our mascot Hammer, has finally come buzzing home. Hammer usually performs a routine with his counterpart, Honey, to hype up the crowd. Junior Mary Carden will portray our beloved Yellowjacket mascot, Hammer, at Friday night football games.

Carden says “I’m super excited about being Hammer this year and I’ve dreamed of being Hammer ever since I was little.”

When looking for a mascot, cheerleading Coach Jennifer Wilson looks for someone with energy who can entertain the crowd, and someone with lots of school spirit. For example, when Carden auditioned she found a remix on YouTube and just began dancing.

While Hammer dances, takes many pictures with the crowd, and brings energy to games, there’s a big disadvantage of the act. The costume is HOT! One reason cheer coach Jennifer Wilson says she thinks it has been such a struggle getting two new mascots is because the costume is just so hot.

Former Hammer, Junior Eden Posey, says “If there’s any advice I can give to the future Hammer, it would be that the job is hot. Be prepared for that, but interacting with the kids makes up for it. It was very hot and heavy, but you forget about that every time a kid hugs you.”

Former Honey, Brieyana Whitaker, also says the costume was extremely hot. Whitaker says “One game last year, everyone was in hoodies and when I changed out I was only in a T-shirt. Just because it’s colder outside, it’s still hot in the costume.” Jennifer Wilson says “I wish there could be changes to make the costumes cooler.”

Now that we have Hammer, we need Honey. When asked how she felt about no one signing up to play Honey this year, Whitaker says “It kinda makes me sad. Now who is gonna hype up the crowd and the kids?” We can’t have Hammer without Honey. If you have school spirit, love to entertain people, and have lots of energy, you might just be the perfect fit!