The Purity of the 2021-2022 Basketball Season


This year as we transition from football season to basketball season, there is a lot of parity yet uncertainty in the air. This year, our women’s team has big expectations like winning the state championship. They are ecstatic to get their whole team back this year after a chaotic season last year. Meanwhile, the men’s team are just trying to get back to playing and winning games, so they can put themselves in a position for playoff success. Despite Wynne being known as a football school, this year everyone on the basketball team, men and women, is striving to make Wynne the contender it once was. 

The boy’s basketball team feels ready yet apprehensive for this upcoming season. These boys do not doubt their minds that the team’s skills and abilities will be up to par, however, some do worry that the team bond will be their downfall this season. Micha Langston says “I feel that if we were to bond as a team more than our season would have a much brighter look.” With that being said the Sr. High boys have been off to a rough start this season. Let’s just hope that they can get their composure and come back out on top. 

The girls this season are showing them how it is done! Lady jackets have the perceptions of coming out on top 5 in the conference and from the looks of it they just might. Shay Lewis says “I feel like we might even have a chance to go to state this year”. Their feelings on what they are doing to prepare for this season are working on defense and going to the gym every day