Covid’s Crush


Covid-19 has made a huge impact on the entire world, but today we’re focusing on how it’s affected our home. Students at Wynne High School speak out about their experience, and how it has impacted them. 

Covid has affected many people in so many different ways. Ava Patton, a student at WHS says, “I keep myself protected from Covid by praying every night, and taking the proper precautions.” Social distancing, wearing a mask, and sanitizing are all necessary precautions. During the lockdown, students’ mental state suffered from the isolation. Sydnee Baskins says, “Covid had a big effect on my mental health because it isolated me from being around my family and friends. I wasn’t able to be around people or do the activities that I like to do.” Others speak out about their experience of what it’s like to have Covid. Ava Patton says, “I had Covid on Christmas so it affected me by not being able to have a normal Christmas, and being able to see all of my family and friends.”

Sydnee Baskins says, “I have had Covid before, and it affected me by making me tired, weak, and it made it hard for me to breathe.” 

Just in time for the holidays, a new vaccine has come out to help prevent Covid. Benjamin Mcdowell says, “I have never had Covid, but I have had the vaccine. My first shot made me feel very tired and weak. I also had a pounding headache when I got the shot. After my second shot, I didn’t feel the same side effects as the first shot.” This disease has impacted every person’s life, and one way or another, the world will never be the same after the traumatic pandemic.