Thanksgiving Traditions


Students at Wynne High School celebrate Thanksgiving in many different ways such as visiting family, cooking big meals, and hunting. Each family does something unique and special. The students at Wynne High School have shared out to other classmates what they do to celebrate Thanksgiving. 

Family and giving thanks is the most important part about Thanksgiving. Elijah Simmons, a student at Wynne High School says, “We celebrate Thanksgiving at my Aunt’s house every year. We play card games, and we do a bean bag toss. We gather, eat, and enjoy spending time with one another.” Each family does different activities for the Thanksgiving holidays. Weston Jenkins, a student at Wynne High School says, “My favorite Thanksgiving tradition is going hunting before Thanksgiving dinner every year.”

Food is also a big way that we celebrate Thanksgiving. Typically, families will gather, cook, and eat a big meal together. Students have spoken out about what their favorite Thanksgiving food their family cooks is. The students at Wynne High School have listed several of their favorite Thanksgiving foods such as pumpkin pie, mashed potatoes, mac and cheese, and turkey. There are so many different Thanksgiving foods, and these are the top rated according to a few of the students at WHS. 



Picture:  Barnes, Lisha. November 23, 2020,,