The Celebration of Our Town


Homecoming is one of the biggest celebrations of the year for the city of Wynne. People gather together to cook, tailgate, and shoot fireworks. Wynne has always been a big football community, and the football players have a huge support system behind them. Not only is it one of the biggest celebrations of the town, but also for the students. The football players, cheerleaders, and Wynne students have a lot to express about homecoming in their town. 

This year homecoming week is October 18-22. The football players and cheerleaders are doing a lot to prepare for the game, and the students can’t wait to see what they all have planned. The entire community comes out to watch the football game, and the players have a lot to say. Braydon Mattox, kicker, says, “It’s fun having them watch me because the city of Wynne is a great football community, and it’s exciting to hear them chant on Friday nights.” For other players, it makes them feel pressured and anxious. Cardarian Washington, running slotback says, “Having the community watch me feels good, but it makes me carry more weight when I am playing.” 

The cheerleaders also feel pressure when they are performing for the town. Londyn McDaniel, captain of the cheer team, says, “Yes, to an extent, because homecoming is a big deal, and we have to bring something new that the community has never seen before.” Not only are the

cheerleaders cheering for the town, but kids look up to them. Londyn McDaniel says, “It feels good having the kids look up to me because I am making them smile, and I like knowing that I can easily be changing their day or their life.”

The football players are very excited to play, and see their opponent’s, the Paragould Rams, strategy. Garrett Lee, one of the quarterbacks, says, “I’m excited to win the game.” He’s very confident that he will carry his team to yet another victory. 

How do coaches prepare their team for the homecoming game? Coach Lemke, Sr. High football coach says, “We prepare for the game the same as we do any other week. It’s all the other homecoming activities that we worry about. We have to remind our players that the most important thing during that week is winning the game.” The football coaches of the team feel like their players may get distracted easily due to all the festivities going on around them. The coaches are excited to see their strategies play out on the field. Coach McBride, Sr. High football coach says, “Homecoming is more for the people who have already graduated and get to come back home. I am most excited to see all the Wynne High School alumnus come home, and see the product of our football team this year.” 

Homecoming is very important for everyone in the town. The coaches, players, and Wynne students are very excited to see what is in store for homecoming this year. The players, cheerleaders, and coaches are hoping for a win, and are very confident in how they think the game will go.