The Perspective of Wynne High School


Left to right, Emma Sexton, Mr.Meek, Ava Patton, Ben Mcdowell, and Grace Gilbert

Big changes are happening here at Wynne High School, and the students and faculty are apprehensive about the year to come. Mr. Meek, the new principal at Wynne High School, has had an immediate impact on everyone. He has made many changes since arriving in office. Students and faculty have many viewpoints on these adjustments. 

There have been a plethora of changes at Wynne High School. These changes include the new 80/20 grading system, no bell schedule, no phones in the bathroom, and the list continues. According to students, the 80/20 grading scale has the biggest impact on them.


This system makes 80% of the students’ grades assessments, and 20% classwork. Luke Hendrix, a junior attending Wynne High School says, “It is hard to keep up my grades because one small mistake can drop it by a whole letter. It is very stressful to keep up with my grades.” This can be stressful and very hard to keep up with when balancing extracurricular activities as well. Mariah Dickson, a sophomore attending Wynne High School involved in several activities says, “The grading system throws me off because I am involved in many clubs, and I do cheer so it is hard to balance all of that out while trying to keep up with my grades and homework.” Not only is this a big impact on students, but it is also a big impact on teachers. Mrs. Haynes, a teacher at Wynne High School says, “The 80/20 grading system has made me more aware of the assignments I am giving, and the impact it will have on the students’ grades. It also gives me the opportunity to create more interactive assignments, allowing my students to comprehend the material better. ” This can put more stress on teachers when making lesson plans, and making sure the students have what they need to pass the class. Some teachers have a different perspective on the grading system, and actually think it is better for the students. Mr. Goins, the science teacher at Wynne High School says, “The grading system is not a bad idea to me. I think that it would work better if some of the teachers used it correctly.” Goins makes a valid point on this subject. According to the students at Wynne High School, some of their teachers lecture, and then throw a test at them. This gives them no time to prepare or have cushion under their grade if they do not make a good grade on the assessment. 

There has been a change made that took students, and faculty by surprise. There is no bell schedule at Wynne High School any longer. This has greatly affected the staff, and piled more stress on them as they are trying to teach. Mrs. Bailey is a newer teacher at Wynne High School, and she is having a hard time adjusting to a no bell schedule. Mrs. Bailey says, “The bells have made it a lot harder to teach because I am constantly having to worry about the time.” This can make it very hard for her to stay focused on what she is teaching if she is having to worry about what time it is. Another teacher, Mrs. Westbrook says, “Not having any bells makes it harder to discipline the students who are tardy.” But what does Mr. Meek have to say about this? Mr. Meek says, “Having a no bell schedule teaches students accountability, and students won’t always have bells to train them where to go at what time.” Mr. Meek is setting up the students for the real world, and wants what is best for them. Meek is wanting to try something new for the students, and see how things adjust. 

Not only are individuals being affected by the changes, but an entire class has been greatly impacted. The class of 2022 have many opinions on what is going on in their school. Senior year is the most important year in high school. Their grades have to be perfect, but they also want to have a good time. This year with the new rules it is hard for them to do both. The class of 2022 have had 2 previous principles, and have never experienced changes like this before. All of their 3 previous years have been the same, but now they are having to adjust to new rules. Londyn Mcdaniel, a senior attending Wynne High School says, “It is hard to adapt to all of these new rules because we have been used to the same thing for 3 years, and now it’s all changing.” This is greatly impacting students taking honor and AP classes as well. Trevon Holmes, a student taking all AP classes and graduating with honors says, “The grading system is really hard for me to adapt to this year because I am taking all AP classes, and trying to graduate with honors.” It applies more pressure to him because he doesn’t want to ruin his honor graduate status. Seniors planning to go to college need their grades to be precise, and with this grading system it is hard to keep up. 

Mr. Meek has a whole new perspective on the rules, and has valid reasoning behind each of them. Mr.Meek is having to adjust to all new staff, and all new administrators, as well as being a new principal to the school. That can be a lot of weight to carry along with everything else. Here is how Meek says he is adjusting, “It is definitely a slow process, and it takes time to get to know everyone. Coming in with all new staff, and new admin can definitely be hard to adjust to, but we have all found a way to work together at one pace, and it is going pretty well so far.” Mr. Meek has big plans set for his time being principal, but what is his main goal for this year? Mr. Meek says, “My main goal for this school year is to get everything back to normal since last year was a covid year. With kids being virtual and onsite I want to make school be as normal as possible for the students.” Mr. Meek has a great point. With all of the chaos going on around the world with covid, students really need normality back into their lives, starting with school. Mr.Meek also has many long term goals while he is in office as well. Those goals are looking at innovative opportunities for all the students not going to college, investing in the community, connecting students with internships, and giving students pathways to be successful. The struggle with the 80/20 grading system has been brought to Meek’s attention. He feels that the students will learn more with this grading system rather than the previous grading system. Mr. Meek states in an interview, “I think the 80/20 grading system brings rigor to the classroom, and it provides more interactive assignments. I think that with last year most students being offsite they were able to copy & paste answers. This year with the 80/20 grading system we will be able to see more of what students know rather than what they get from peers or a website.” According to the majority of offsite students, this year is harder for them to overcome because they were previously able to get easy answers. Opposed to this year the 80/20 grading system limits that a little more than the previous grading system.