Mrs. Twyford

Austin Boone

Mrs. Twyford has retired after teaching for 24 years. Mrs Twyford, has taught at Wynne for 24 years.  She was a cheerleader for 6 years in Wynne when she went to High School. For her retirement, she plans on staying in Wynne , and to enjoy spending time with her children and grandchildren. Mrs. Twyford and her husband also plan to travel a a lot once she’s retired.

When asked about her favorite memory in Wynne, she says” My first homecoming back to Wynne, was so fun and the students are where so exited for the the football game that night. I remember looking around in the gym and seeing all of the students and thinking to myself “I’m home”. Mrs. Twyford has worked in Wynne twice in her career. She worked as a keyboarding at teacher the Junior high for 6 year. Also, she has worked in Little Rock for Arkansas Baptist and then worked at Joe Robinson High school. Then she came back to Wynne to finish her career as a Survey of business teacher for Wynne High school.

Dr. Smith, the principal of our high school, says this about Mrs. Twyford,” Often when people retire, they’re passion for their profession is waning, and their interest has transferred into hobbies, vacations, and grandchildren. However, I have noted and been the recipient of Mrs. Twyfords passion, enthusiasm, and spirit of excellence for what she does best, business.”

No doubt, that Mrs. Twyford’s going to be missed at Wynne High School.