Graduation 2021


Janiyah Rucker, Administrator

There is only one phrase to describe the class graduating  of 2021 “The year where we were not all here”. The class of 2021 has officially made it through the finish Line with 158 students graduating in total. The top three speakers at graduation were Blayton Jones and Harrison Green both having scholarships to U of A ,and Taylor Mitchell who received a scholarships to Lyon college in Batesville. Spencer Parker gave the Invocation. Spencer Parker states his favorite part of graduations was getting his diploma from his dad. The four sports Scholarships given were to Terry Wells going to U of A for football. Cam’ron and Devin Holmes going to Northeastern College ,and Oj Marrs, attending Arkansas state mid-south for basketball. Speaking of things coming to an end; this will be superintendent Carl Easley’s last graduation. From football coach to principal Mr.Carl Early will be sincerely missed by Wynne Public Schools. Jane Andrews states , “we have been doing graduation live or pre-recorded for 24 years;  it will be strange not seeing Mr.Easley down there, and even stranger not having him to run to for our last minute technical emergencies”.