Mrs. Hill’s Retirement

Hailey Stricker, Reporter

Students could never say goodbye to Mrs. Hill because she is forever in our hearts. She taught her students many things including business, accounting, and life lessons. Although we will miss your smile and your great since of humor, Wynne High School wishes you the best in your retirement. 

“Mr. Easley told us we would always know when it was our time, and he was absolutely correct” Mrs. Hill says. “She said she knew when it was her time to retire but it would be hard leaving her kids behind.” However, she is ready to travel the world. She said “ I already have a trip to New York and Florida.” 

She also said “teaching is not like a job; it’s a complete pleasure to serve young, bright minds. My days have been filled with new adventures. Students have a fresh look to everything and combined we have created amazing results. I will miss them the most. I don’t have to worry about living life to the fullest, because I have always done this one day at a time.” 

Sophomore Jasmine Scott states “she will be missed and her 35 years of teaching will never be forgotten at Wynne!” She continues states ” Mrs. Hill’s class was always exciting and there was never a boring moment inside the classroom.”

Assistant Principal, Dr. Sandra Smith says of Hill. ” If I had one word to describe Mrs. Hill, it would be eclectic.  She is a mixture of laughter, tears, passion and feistiness.  What I admire most about her is her willingness to go above and beyond to build relationships with her students in a way that will benefit them for life.”

Former student from 2007, Dustin Hudson says, “The thing I remember that really meant a lot to me is when after 10 years of graduating, I got a letter in the mail that she had saved all that time.  She had us write the letter before we graduated and then mailed them all to us then so we could remember.”

“Mrs. Hill has a variety of friends of all ages.  I remember being in a faculty meeting one year and she won a prize and was instructed to then give it to a friend.  She came over and gave that to me…I didn’t know she considered me her friend and it touched me dearly.  And in the past few years she has also been my counselor and a very dear friend.  Covid has prevented us from seeing and talking to each other much, but I am hoping that she will not forget me in her glory days of retirement.  I love her!” says her colleague of 24 plus years, Jane Andrews.

Mrs. Hill left many students with good knowledge and a new start at Wynne High School. Students wish the best for her as she leaves to start her journey as becoming a retired teacher at Wynne high school.