WHS Girls’ Soccer Makes WHS History


Edie Myers, reporter

This year, for the first time ever, the WHS Girls Soccer Team goes to state. The new coaches, Coach Mattox and Coach Brewer, have made sure the team has worked extra hard to achieve their goals. Since the Covid- 19 outbreak cut last year’s season short, a lot of the players had little to no experience with soccer before joining the team. Shay Lewis, one of the teams players, scored a goal at their last game, even though she had no soccer experience before March 1st. This year the team had many ties and simple one goal losses. The coach feels that their last game before state was their best game; they won 0-2.

“This team has come a long way since we played our first game back in February, and I am very proud of them for that,” says Coach Brewer. The girls have worked very hard this season and will continue to in the state tournament.

Madison Hoselton, a WHS soccer player, says “The team is very excited about making it to state, and we have done very good we definitely tried  our hardest.”

The Lady Jackets made WHS extremely proud because of how well they have done this year! Lady Jacket Soccer – making history.