Young Baseball Team Under Construction


Jane Andrews

Left to Right:Jordan Whteside, KT Shahan, Tom Owens, Luke Taegmeyer, Tate Patton, Luke Hendrix, Ethan Hirons, Weston Gibson

DezJohn Loude, Reporter

DezJohn Loude

The Wynne baseball team has a lot of courage and faith in their team’s improvement. Baseball took a hard hit last season caused by Covid; there simply was not a season leaving many discouraged and wondering if they would even get to play this year. This year’s team depends mostly on sophomores – a very young team with only 3 juniors.   

Luke Hendrix states that the team seems hopeful for next year as the team rebuilds from the loss of all of their seniors after the seniors began their season. ¨We are not too excited or pleased with the way the team is going right now but the team still has faith, and we are going to play every game like we are in the championship.¨ 

Many believe lack of motivation this year was caused by the Covid sports crisis of 2020.

Sophomore 3rd baseman, Bryce Gahr says, “We’re just young and our seniors quit so we have to rebuild.  We have a lot of talent coming up from the freshman and even younger.” Gahr continues saying, “We have strong sophomores and the rest of the players are spot on. In a couple of years as seniors we will still be strong. We don’t believe in giving up.”