Nothing Short of a Miracle – Annie

Janiyah Rucker, Administrator

Nothing short of a miracle – the only phrase that can describe Annie the musical. For the first time in the history of musial productions Wynne high school recorded and streamed there play for the world to see.  This huge change took a toll on cast ,crew ,directors ,etc. Between having to wear masks while singing ,and having to cut certain parts of the production due to, to much physical contact. Made this production totally worth the wait.

“We couldn’t have a live audience and we could interact with the cast & crew as much as we did last year because we were separated and told to social distance most of the time.” says Neveah Jones. Jones makes her second appearance on stage this year. With Annie being streamed it only cost 10 dollars for one ticket that could be streamed  through  one home.

Streaming the musical wasn’t all bad. Selena Willis says, “We can reshoot scenes we mess up on.” Playing multiple characters Willis makes her second debut on the stage. Gracen Hylle adds , “ for stage crew, we weren’t as pressured during set changes to be as quick and as quiet as possible.”

The musical being recorded did have its downfalls. Recording and editing a play you’ve never seen can be challenging. This lead to a scene being accidentally left out the first night of streaming.  Streaming the show  made actors a little unmotivated knowing they would not have a live audience to cheer them on.

Gracen Hylle also says, “ being backstage was one of the best moments. During songs, all the orphans would do the Macarena to the beat and eventually all of us would do it together, especially during Catherine’s solo Little Girls”. No matter the circumstance cast and crew always made the best of a situation.  With all that being said always remember “The sun will come out tomorrow”.