Prom 2021


Austin Boone, reporter

Prom 2021 is scheduled for April 17. The theme for the dance, fire, and Ice, invites both Seniors and Juniors to enjoy unused decorations and decisions made by last year’s Junior class.  Covid-19 canceled last year’s prom making this year’s event even more exciting. The Wynne high school juniors and seniors have hoped all year that Covid would not take their prom for a second year.

Bethany Holt, the chairman of the prom committee, says” prom is more important this year than it has been in previous years because we had it taken away from us the last year, and I feel like prom is something that we took for granted in the previous years so we’ll appreciate it more since we lost it last year.”

A senior at Wynne Highschool, Mia Reeves, says” prom is more exciting this year because the seniors have not gotten anything exciting this year, so it gives the seniors something’s look forward to.”

With the new Covid regulations taking place, they will have the food in individual boxes for each of the students when it’s time to eat.  Since the mask mandate was lifted on March 31st,  that means all seniors and juniors will go to prom this year!

Prom will start at 8:oo and will end at 12 o’clock. Tickets and ID are required when you enter the door. All students must be wearing a mask. Dylan Hess will be doing the pictures and begin at 5:00 by prior appointment