We Will Miss You Mr. Guthrie!


Brittney Perdew , Reporter

Wynne High Schools has had the best two years with Mr. Guthrie as our Principal. Hopefully our next principal will help the school the same way Mr. Guthrie helped all of his students and staff. He took great care of Wynne High school and the faculty and staff.

Mr. Guthrie always rewarded the school for the good things students did. For example, he took the 9th and 10th grade last year to the movies for good ACT scores. He also took the staff bowling before school started in 2019, “Which many teachers agree was such a motivational and staff bonding tool,” says English/TV teacher Mrs. Jane Andrews.  He always showed the school love and showed so much spirit.

Mr. Guthrie says, “I love Wynne and the community!  I wanted to be a superintendent and Barton gave me that opportunity.  This was a very hard decision.  I really have a great staff and the best students ever. My favorite memory was taking all the 9th and 10th graders to the Movies for the act aspire scores. Another favorite thing was taking my staff Bowling before school started. Barton is for me.  I’m going to miss all the people here,  I am a people person.  My faculty, staff and students will always be in my heart.”

Mr. Guthrie also wanted all students, faculty and staff to know one thing: “Make the most out of everyday and always remember me!!!”says Guthrie.

This change will make some of the students and staff sad, because Mr. Guthrie played such a big role in helping the morale of Wynne High School.  He always made sure school was fun and made sure we had what we needed; he kept the school safe during Covid. If anyone ever needed someone to talk to, Mr. Guthrie was always there right along with the rest of the staff. This is going to be a big change to Wynne next year!  Teacher, Wren Scott says, “Mr. Guthrie thank you for teaching us to ‘Row the boat’.” Representing the senior class, Dez’John Loude says, “Mr. Guthrie, Once a Jacket Always a Jacket.”