Wynne High School Softball Covid-19 Restrictions


Edie Myers, Editor

WHS Lady Jackets Softball team stays strong in their first season since 2019. “Between the mask mandate and all the Covid-19 restrictions softball has genuinely changed, but personally I think this will be our top season,” says 11th grade softball player Sky Mcdaniel. She went on to say, “We have an amazing group of girls with a lot of potential, we have the ability to place first in conference and I believe we have a huge chance to go to State and do very well.” 

The team opened their conference season on March 9th with a tough, double header, loss to Stuttgart, their most challenging opponent, according to  McDaniel. The Lady Jackets faced Forrest City on March 16th, winning both games with scores of 18-0 and 16-0.

During the 1st Forrest City game Sky Mcdaniel pitched 6 strike outs and Jasi Carns lead the night going 3/3 in the first game with 2 RBI’s and 3 runs. Ally Davis then pitched the second game with 2 strikeouts and only gave up one hit; Jasi Carns went 2/2 with 1 RBI; Katie Moore had a base clearing triple, knocking in 3 runs and scoring 3 times; Ally Davis finished the night off with a walk-off, 2-run, home-run. Jasi Carns was awarded Player of the Game for her performance.

Coach Ashley Busby states, “Our players are pretty resilient and able to adapt well. As student-athletes, they have already had to adapt to all of the changes with school and have done that well.” She also reiterated the challenges in place because of Covid-19 by saying, “Being an outdoor sport, we are naturally socially distanced on the field, but in the dugout it’s harder for us to do that. We have purchased neck gators for the players to wear in the dugouts and during time outs. We thought that this would be a easy way for them to keep up with them and always have them around their necks, rather than having to search to find their masks. Of course, sanitizing is also something that we will be doing on a regular basis.” According to Coach Busby, the greatest challenges the team faces includes, remaining socially distanced when practicing indoors and adjusting when players may have to quarantine.