Track Season of 2021

Hailey Stricker, Reporter


Many students decided to sign up for this year’s track. The students are thrilled to finally get back on the track and get back in shape for the year. 

Track athletes have gone  almost a year without guidance to prepare and get in shape for the season. “One thing that motivates me is staying in shape” says Senior, Jacobi Williams . “Also with me being a senior, something I look forward to is going to sate because I have never been to state before”.

Senior girl, Delisa Warren says, “the desire to win is what motivates me.” She also states that “one of the main struggles I deal with is all the events I have to participate in, but I know my coach makes me because she sees potential inside of me.”

The track season begins March 18 at Joe T Robinson. The schedule does not show any meets on home turf this year.