SnowMageddon 2021

Austin Boone, reporter

A snowmageddon  hit the south this 2021. With a lot of different power outages hitting the city of Wynne, many students struggled to get their work done . The snow fell the hardest on February 16 and the 17th.  Wynne received a total of about 10 inches during the snowfall.

 Sophomore, Haddie Taylor, says, “My internet went out for about a day, but it came back in about an hour and I was able to get my work done.” There were multiple houses that were affected by power outages.

The lead actress for Annie in the play this year, Janiyah Rucker, says, ” it has been hard to get anything done with the play during the snow because we could not meet in person.” The students in the play could not come to school because of the snow, so they used Google meets to rehearse; however, the play goes on as scheduled, March 11th.

Students and teachers  stayed at home for eight days for virtual work.  The coaches all postponed and altered all sporting events such as the basketball conference tournament. With school out because of snow and the different types of outages, students and athletes struggled.  Although the virtual studies cause difficulties and misunderstandings, English instructor Jessica Roberts says, “I still hope my students were able to get out and have some fun because this may never happen again.  I even gave my students a week extention on their papers.”  And many teachers felt the same way and also had fun in the snow.