WSD Names New Superintendent

Former TV Student Mallory Ellis, 2018

Adrianna Ishmon, reporter

The Wynne school district names new superintendent to be Kenneth Moore.

According to Moore he started his professional career as a coach and taught math at Wynne Junior High School and High School, Rogers High School, and West Memphis High School. He was a Head Football coach and Athletic Director at Corning High School, the head football coach at Cedarville High School, and the Athletic Director and STEAM Academy principal at Wynne High School. He is currently the superintendent at Concord Public School.

“I have a Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics with a minor in education from the University of Arkansas at Little Rock, a masters in Ethical Leadership from Arkansas State University, a Specialist degree in Teacher Leadership, and an Educational Doctorate degree in Teacher Leadership from Walden University,” Moore says.

“Dr. Kenneth Moore will make a good superintendent because he is student focused. He believes our students and their ability to achieve when they leave us is the number one priority. He is an out of the box thinker and has some great ideas on how our district can be better,” states school board member Mrs. Stacie Schlenker. “It’s safe to say that there will be no sudden changes to WSD. I do not believe in change just for the sake of changing”, Moore states.

“I strive every single day to be better at something today than I was yesterday. Professional growth is an absolute must. We all must look for every opportunity to grow professionally and if we stop then we’re failing ourselves and those who work with and around us,” Moore comments.

“A few of the characteristics the school board was looking for in a superintendent were a good listener, a person who is inspirational, innovative, and understood the importance of being highly visible in the schools and community. Dr. Moore possesses all of these characteristics,” Schlenker continues.

“We will all work together as one unit. I will do my best to support our principals and collaborate with them on a weekly basis. I’ll visit the schools individually and classrooms with our principals so I can better support them and their staff with their needs,” Moore comments.

“He has experience in the field of education and with Wynne itself, and that allows him to bring fresh ideas while knowing what the district needs. When asked about his views on schooling and the student body as a whole, Dr. Moore showed that his priorities lie in the students,” says Senior student on the Superintendent Committee, Harrison Greene.

“We must communicate expectations and correct shortcomings,” says Moore, “I do not believe in micromanaging. I trust each person to do their job to the very best of their ability.”

Dr. Kenneth Moore
Kenneth Moore and his family.