The Show Must Go On – Yearbooks 2020-2021

Janiyah Rucker, reporter

Wynne Highschool’s yearbook department, just like any other, suffered some challenges with getting the yearbook out during COVID. To make sure yearbooks got out on time the department made a lot of accommodations, including asking students for pictures and texting/emailing for quotes.

Since the school year did not finish in 2020,  yearbooks didn’t get passed out in regular fashion. “I passed them all out in front of the building one office. Parents and students came to pick them up,” says Yearbook Adviser, Wren Scott. 

2020-2021’s yearbook came with a lot of changes from the normal yearbook: “A new thing we are doing is more student life pages, says Kayla Rose.” Rose is a freshman in yearbook class. 

Christopher Smiley, a junior at Wynne High School, explains some of challenges of the yearbook, “trying to communicate with people was hard  with some people  on campus while others were virtual but still participating in activities.” 

Despite COVID, yearbook member have found the bright side of things. Scott explains her favorite part of the yearbook, “The cover and the way the students in the class collaborate with each other.” This yearbook will definitely live on in the Wynne high School hall of fame. The 2020-2021 yearbooks arrive in Wynne the first week of May.