Capital Video

Jane Andrews, Student Graphics: Chris Smiley, Videography: WHS TV Staff

DezJohn Loude, Reporter

The CTE team, and the publisher, director Mrs Andrews put together a video for the capitol about all of the programs we have in this school.  Andrews, says I am proud of the CTE team and personally I feel like Wynne  has the best in Arkansas – every department is top notch.” Most of the CTE teachers have been here 10 years plus and/or are well seasoned in education.” Andrews continues saying, ” making the video was not the most stressful part, just  not having enough time to work on the video; thankfully the CTE team and Mrs. Janet Smith helped with all of the permission slips – the permission slips required by the state were a little bit over overkill, I think.”

Senior TV student and President of Skills USA-Broadcast,  Jacobi Williams,  states ” making and putting the video together was difficult because of the time. I also think the team in charge of the final video from another school in Arkansas  could have made that video much better  than what was aired.   I was very disappointed that we did not get to add the graphics created by Chris Smiley because that would have made the video look better.  All of the other schools added plain graphics and then our graphic was cut, but was way better.