Soccer Season


Austin Boone

The snow storm didn’t stop soccer season!

Austin Boone, reporter

Soccer season officially begins with the first game on February 23 against Marion. With the soccer team losing its season due to covid-19 last season, they look forward to performing well in the 2021 season. Junior, Logan Bushey says, ¨ we played poorly last season but we will look forward to this upcoming season.”

With their first game of the season coming up soon against Marion, they practice after school every day. Madison Webster states, ¨ We are learning new plays. We have a lot of well-seasoned players and most of our new players are catching on quickly¨. She also says of the team’s weaknesses, ¨We aren’t exactly where we need to be for the season yet, but we are working every day to get there. Some things will come to us as a team after we play our first game.”

Though some of the players have played with each other before, Logan Bushey says,¨ the team is great at communicating, and that is something we need to continue if we are going to have success this season.

With motivation, the Wynne High School soccer team will for sure push forward and have a successful soccer season.