WHS Drones 2021

Hillmon Davis, Hailey Stricker, Luke Hendrix, William Hendrix, Roy douglas,

Hailey Stricker, Reporter

Students that participate in drones learn so much throughout the class. Mr. Hillmon Davis Teaches them how to build and how to operate the drones. 

Mr. Davis says, “it’s important that my students know how to use drones because they help with Photography, Mapping, Scouting, Finding Lost Things, Making Movies, Assisting Construction, Topography, Farming, and much more.” He believes that drones will remain the world’s next big thing.

Mr. Davis says, “the class’s biggest accomplishment is Students learning to build a robotic flying machine.” He then says, “him teaching them this, made his day.”

Mr. Davis states, “students have been working on a big project called the DJI Flamewheel 450 and it’s almost ready to be flown.”

Even though Covid 19 shut down many curricular activities at WHS, Mr. Davis did not let it stop him from teaching his students about drones.