Covid-19 Toilet Paper Shortage

Kaden Avellino, reporter

The Covid-19 pandemic has brought significant changes to people’s daily lives. It has brought the rise of social distancing and face masks to protect everyone from the virus. Interestingly, the shortage of toilet paper for many households was brought along with the pandemic. How do the students at Wynne High School feel about it?

“When I went to the store and noticed a shortage in toilet paper, I thought people overreacted and bought too much out of panic,” says Michael Rowton, a sophomore at Wynne High School. It’s not just a shortage of toilet paper either. Rowton says, “Other products I’ve noticed a shortage in were bread and water.” One final thing Mr. Rowton states, “My dad is a bread distributor for the company Bunny who makes the product Bunny Bread. As an effect from the bread shortage, I notice he has had to work harder and longer hours.

Does every student think the shortage was caused from panic about the pandemic? Was it avoidable, and were the effects of it negatable? What other products are there a shortage of?

Henry Nunn, a Student Council member and sophomore at Wynne High School, says “I believe we are having a shortage of toilet paper because of a combination of greed and panic from people caused by the pandemic.” Mr. Nunn’s family has done relatively well throughout the shortage. He states, “At first, we were a little low on toilet paper, but now we’re doing fine.”

Nunn also says, “I’ve noticed there haven’t been as many wipes in stores. It’s a similar product to toilet paper, so that may be why.” Was this shortage avoidable or could we have negated the effects for households? Nunn said, “I think the effects could have been negated for households by sort of rationing toilet paper. I’m not sure if it was avoidable.”

Magnum McGhee, a sophomore at Wynne High School, said, “When I went to the store and saw no or little toilet paper, I thought people were overreacting and wondered why they only stockpiled toilet paper.”

When asked about an avoidable shortage, McGhee states  “Yes I do I do think it was avoidable, if people would have stayed calm and not panicked so much, we would have adequate amounts of toilet paper.”

The shortage affects everyone, including students at Wynne High School. Certain families will do better than others. When everyone works together, everyone can make it through pandemic and it’s effects.