Jacobi Williams

Devin Holmes, power forward gets a lucky dunk during practice.

Dez'John Loude, reporter

The boys basketball team continues to win games back to back with their record of 6-5 overall and 2-1 in the conference.

In the boys most recent game against ESTEM, they won with a score of 40-37. During the game, one of the Wynne basketball players dunks the ball on a fast break leaving some of the crowd and teammates ecstatic. 

Head Coach Jonathan Parker says, “it was difficult to practice originally like we always do because of Covid, but we have made progress along the way. We need to keep progressing in order to give ourselves a chance in earning a place in the regional tournament¨.                  

Parker also says, ” Little Mills basketball team is their biggest competition, while they either have yet to win, or attend the state championship. Raising the level of intensity on both sides of the basketball, while the defense and transition offense are capable of being our strengths , if we can come out and defend with the focus and intensity that we need each and every night”.

OJ Marrs, power forward for the team states:  “PA is our biggest competition after Mills, and that’s if the Wynne school district and community keeps supporting them; then there is a chance that they can go to regional or win the championship.”