The Covid -19 Vaccination


Beth Lee

Mrs. andrews says, ¨ I didn´t even feel it, but my arm is starting to ache a little now.¨ (Shot 1, Jan. 21, 2021)

Brittney Perdew, Reporter

The Corona Virus outbreak made the way to a huge pandemic, and still might also spread and keep spreading all across America and everywhere else. While all of this keeps going on the scientist all around wanted to help find something that would help make this all go away. Everyone first heard of something called the Covid vaccine back in November of 2020. They did not release the vaccine in the united states until almost late December. The vaccine treatment comes with two doses 21-28 days apart.

Mrs. Bouland states, ¨I did a lot of research before ultimately making the decision to take the COVID-19 vaccine. Vaccines are proven effective, as they work with our immune system so our body can fight off the virus, should we be exposed. I received my first Modern COVID-19 vaccine on January 8 and will return for my second dose on February 5. I chose to take the vaccine to protect myself, my family, and others in the community. There are common side effects such as a sore arm, mild fever, fatigue…which are all common side effects of other vaccines. This is the body’s natural immune response. I would rather have these common side effects than COVID-19. Of course, we all worry that this vaccine was developed in such a short period of time, but ultimately mRNA vaccines are proven safe and effective. I feel confident that the vaccine will be successful in ending the pandemic. I know it will take time for a certain percent of the population to be vaccinated, but I hope that one day we can resume a “new normal” I was skeptical about the vaccine at first, and then l I did lots and lots of research! I feel that if everyone would look at the science behind the vaccine and research the vaccine instead of believing everything they see on social media – a lot more people would realize the vaccine is safe and effective. The vaccine is the only chance we have at ending this pandemic.¨

The possibility of even death from this vaccine and things like people breaking out into a allergic reaction. So many people face the risks of this vaccine. This vaccine causing many deaths. The vaccines making people wonder if it may really lead to death. The world would like everything to go back to normal as quick as we can get them back to normal.

Mrs. Webb says, ¨There are no risks because,  I wear a mask when needed and implement healthy practices, like taking vitamins and washing my hands frequently. I do not take the flu vaccine, so I do not see a need for this one. If studies show that this vaccine is highly effective, over time, I will consider it. No, the vaccine won´t help. This vaccine might help. I hope it does. Only time will tell.  The virus, It frustrates me that the virus has gotten so political. It seems that many policies that have been taken on by hospitals, restaurants, and many other places, more often that not, do not make sense. In other words, their efforts to stop the spread are often not logical.¨