Hydration in Winter

Ariel Murry


Jacket Action News Staff

Junior, Selena Willis stays hydrated

Ariel Murry, reporter

In hard times many learn to survive from whatever means necessary. Your body survives 8 – 21 days without food and typically only 3 to 4 days without water.  At least 60% of the human adult body contains water.  As winter comes, cold weather causes a decrease in thirst sensation, meaning you won’t feel the need to drink water even though you may need to.

“It’s rough right now because all of the water fountains are shut down because of Covid, ” says Junior, Craig Crutcher

April Parlow, Junior,  continues saying, “if you run out of water, the only place you can refill your bottle is in the cafeteria and that is a long ways away from most of us.”

Junior, Madison Cullen says, “It is literally the death of your day if you forget your water bottle.”

Try to stock up for school and remember to drink your water.