Friday Night Lights

Tirrell Johnson, Contributor


The air is cold.

The wind is howling.

Running onto the field; adrenaline rushing throughout my body. 

Hearing the crowds roaring while coming out of the helmet. 

Seeing the bright light reflected off the green turf. 

A lot of thoughts inside of my head; thinking of what I had to do. 

Blood rushing through my eyes while I see the first kick to the other team.

While going onto the field; I smell the grassy smell of turf.

I line on the other side of the football.

The ball snaps

The quarterback drops back

People running like madmen.

All I´m seeing is a good vision of the quarterback.

I hit him on one side of his body, and the ball came out. 

The ball was scrambling on the field while we try to grab it. 

 I had landed on it, and the other team landed on me also. 

It felt like a 1,000 pounds was on me at the bottom of the pile. 

While time goes by, we were tied.

Only one play left to win.

We are on offense.

The quarterback hands the ball off to the running back.


Tears of joy were falling down my cheek. 

Seeing the other team with tears of defeat. 


By: Tirrell Johnson