Students Taking Tricky Sticks

Jacobi Williams


J. Andrews

You would never want a doc or nurse that didn’t get plenty of practice!

Jacobi Williams, Reporter/Administrator

This year the Senior Med class has a chance to get certified in phlebotomy, the process of taking blood and doing different kinds of tests for diagnostics of patients. 

Mrs Jenna Earls gives some insight on the road to the certification, “ First the students are required to have 10 successful sticks on the fake medical arm with the use of different kinds of syringes.” During the course of the practice sticks, they given practice tests that have questions from the real certification exam.

Then students trusted by Mrs. Earls, advance to a real person. 

Jakayla Smith says, “When we first started on the fake arm I was really nervous and now that we are sticking real people it’s really nerve racking, but as you do the procedure over and over I get more comfortable.”

Earls says, “They are required to have 35 successful sticks and 10 finger sticks to take the certification exam, which contains a total of 100 questions.” 

The students given 2 hours to complete the test facilitated by an administrator on the district, and not by Mrs. Earls. A passing score for the certification, eighty percent or higher.

People with this certification can make up to 15 dollars an hour in the state of Arkansas. Thus, great first start for an individual going into the heath field and generally great paying job going out of high school.