Feed The Need

Brittney Perdew, Reporter

On October 30, WHS held the annual 363 feed the need. East students Allyssa Andrews and Brooke McDaniel hosted The Empty Bowl fundraiser. The empty bowl started in 1990 and it has made its way through the U.S., and is still spreading. The empty bowl has been a wide spread popular thing here in the United States. This event held 40-50 people that night!

Alyssa Andrews says “….We decided on this organization, because they support students in our district with the backpack program. We thought that we should give back to an organization who helps our friends.” 

Mrs. Benderman explains how they made the bowls, “When we are making the bowls in the beginning we have to work the clay in a process called wedging. It looks a lot like kneading dough. We do that, because when we fire the clay, the kiln reaches a temperature of 2,000 degrees, so if we do not get the air bubbles out before placing them in the kiln the bubbles will expand and the bowl will blow up in the kiln. We throw the pottery on the pottery on the wheel the potters wheel. It takes a lot of practice to learn how to make bowls on the wheel. We then fire them in the kiln, then we glaze them and fire them again and when they are finished you can not only eat out of them, you can use then in the microwave and wash them in the dishwasher.” 

Brooke McDaniel explained the prices, “We  gathered many bowls from the art club. These bowls were sold along with various soups from many different clubs. The soup/ bowl was sold for $15 with the bowls for a medium/large. It is $20 for a large bowl and we sold plastic bowls for a dollar for donations.”

The organization also held a raffle. Some of the prizes consisted of a $25 gift card to 5th Quarter, Duke cannon beard balm and lip balm, Case Combine toy, Big farm tractor toy, Yeti tumblers, and a purse. At the event, November 6th, they announced the winners:  Jamie McDaniel-Beard balm,lip balm, and bourbon soap; Dina Milton- John Deere tractor; Lisa Worden- 5th quarter gift card; Garrett Adamson- 18oz yeti; Jamie Busby-26oz yeti; Debbie Hedge-Hobo purse; and Darlene Andrews-Case tractor.