Tuck Everlasting

The Wynne High School Theatre introduces “Tuck Everlasting”, March 12-15 . The play will begin at 7pm; on the 15th they will have a matinee at 2:00 pm. Kelsi Peterson continues as the musical producer.

Peterson says, “We decided to do Tuck everlasting for several reasons. Our biggest concern was that we didn’t really want to do anything to overly done or do a repeat of a previous play, so we really liked the newness of Tuck. Another reason was that because we have a lot of younger students and the community as our audience, we wanted a play that had wonderful meaning and a great take away for our audience. I also loved the book as a student and I felt like it would be a great way to shake such a great story with others”.

The cast of Tuck everlasting consists of: Hayden Barnes playing as the Protagonist. Winnie Foster played by Jolene Colvin, and her nana, played by Morgan Cooper. The sons, Jesse and Miles, played by Markell Cox and Brady Hess, and the parents, Mae, played by Camille Cathy, and Angus played by Hayden Hirons.

Peterson gives a storyline on the play, “Winne Foster whom lives with her mother and her Nana in Treegap, New Hampshire. When one day Winnie meets the Tuck family, the sons, Jesse and Miles and parents Mae and angus. Then turns out that the Tuck family is immortal after drinking from a spring in the woods, owned by Winnie’s Family. So Winnie quickly boyfriends one of the sons, Jesse, and his family and spends the rest of the play contemplating if she would also like to live forever.”

“We prepare for the play before we even formally select this play, as soon as we started considering the play in May of last year” says Mrs. Peterson.

Peterson also says that they had to make sure they could create the set pieces, and have all the funds, space and actors. If they didn’t have any of those things they can’t do that specific play. Although they prepare for the play months ahead, the still hit rough patches.

“For me personally, the hardest part of the play, especially the one you are doing, is downsizing. We want to do the the play justice and help expand our students’ ability but sometimes you have to cut a little here and there for the better of it’s all not fun.” says Peterson.

Mrs Peterson and her cast, do have fun and.  Mrs. Peterson says she loves to see how the students take on  their character and interact with each other, also see how the fun part is for any actor, how to be a completely new person and how the students explore that path.  Besides the actors learning their lines and acting, there are behind the scenes, which would be stagecraft. They have a very big role in the play; they set the pieces, do hair, makeup designs, poster and radio and newspaper advertisements; students in this class create all of this.

Rayleigh House, stage manager, says, ” I make sure things are going correctly on and off stage, and I make sure set pieces are going into the right wings on stage. I am basically the life support for actors and actresses, and I basicaly make the directors vision happen”.

Peterson says, “The cast and crew are super excited for this show and we’d like you all to come out if you can. Grab any cast member for more information, they would love to talk all day about the show to you”.