Bizarre Schools Rules Around The World!


Raelyn Winfrey, Reporter/Editor

Schools around the world have their own unique set of rules. At WHS we have our rules that students often complain about, but after reading this list you will have a newfound appreciation for our school.

  • In the UK, several schools are starting to ban students from having a best friend. English students can not use the term “best friends” to the fact that some students may not have any friends.
  • In Germany, first graders get a cone of toys. Literally, an actual cone of toys, to symbolize a new status in life.
  • Here’s a new way to think of cheating. Japanese students can’t-in -any-way wear more than one good luck bracelet. The school staff somehow think wearing more than one could lead to cheating.
  • Here’s something you can’t sleep on, Chinese students of all ages are allowed to take a 30-minute nap a day during school.
  • Iraq schools forbid teachers from teaching any forms of nationalism including anything about Iraq’s history and literature.
  • Soth Korea might receive one of the harshest punishments from teachers. The students can receive hits from a teacher for something as small as eating in class.
  • Textbooks in North Korea have many fictional stories that mark as factual books. They have books about their dictator stating that he could drive at the age of 3 and some even say he won a boat race at the age of 9.

Our school will probably never apply these set of rules to our schools, but we should appreciate the fact that some of the rules that we bear contribute to our best interest.