WHS TV : Commerical Success

WHS TV : Commerical Success

Wynne High School’s television students created commercials for the Cross County Chamber of Commerce banquet on January 24th.   The 8 commercials shown at the banquet: Cross County Bank Elevated Spirits, Ross Ford/Toyota, Hays, Cross Ridge Community Hospital, First Financial Bank, Cardinal Electricity, Forest City Medical Center, Turning Leaf/Hughes Life Counseling, LLC, and Southern Ambulance, ECS House Industries, and Agriculture Business.

Senior, Rayleigh House produced the commercial about ECS House Industries and Agriculture Business. She says, “I wanted to create the commercial because my dad’s the CEO.” The Chamber banquet, KAIT, and WREG channel 3 showed the commercial. She says, “trying to get good shots and line up voice overs with the footage was the hardest part of making the commercial.” The commercial’s purpose helps sell things.  House says, “The most time-consuming things were editing and planning.” The main audience for her commercial – Adults and Farmers. It took her two weeks to complete.

Chris Smiley, Sophomore, created a commercial for Turning Leaf /Hughes’s Life Counseling. He says he had fun making his commercial.  He did all of his filmings on a Saturday. Smiley says,  “The hardest part of making this commercial was getting in touch with all of the people”. He also says, “The longest part of making his commercial was editing. It took a week to make.”

Jacobi Williams, Junior did a commercial for Southern Ambulance. The hardest part of making his commercial was the amount of time it took and getting in contact.  Williams says, “The most time-consuming part of making my commercial was putting it all together.” His main audience for his commercial – the community.  It took him two weeks to complete.

Deangelo Long, a Senior, produced a commercial for Forrest City Medical Center. He had fun making the commercial. Long says, “Making it t the hospital was the hardest part”. His main audience – the community.  Long says, “The purpose of the commercial was to inform people about the best hospital in Eastern Arkansas”. It took him two weeks to complete. 

Cody Slater, President, and CEO of Cross County Chamber was in charge of hiring the students. The Chamber showcased the commercials at the Chamber banquet January 24, 2020.  “A donation will be given to the class to go towards an updated news set.” Andrews says. She continues “I love this community, I want the students to feel the same way. We are so honored for Cody and Ashely Brumley to work with us on the commercials.”