Acts of Kindness Spirt Week

Sharline Vanpelt, Reporter

Wednesday, January 17th,  students learned about the upcoming, Acts of Kindness spirit week voted on by student council. Taking place on February 10th-17th. The dress-up days center around the theme of Valentine’s day.

Student Council sponsor, Mrs.Holt, Explains the idea better saying, “It’s the acts of kindness spirit week, and its purpose is to promote kindness amongst the student body. It makes you feel good to help others, that should be something we promote more”.

Student council will have a give away during the pep-rally, “We have five different challenges, one for each day, students will complete an Acts of Kindness Challenge Card, to be entered in a giveaway for a Fifty dollar Amazon gift card”, Holt says.

Holt also confirms a modified schedule, “Friday we will have a modified schedule for the pep-rally”, still unsure of the schedule Holt says, “We might have just one lunch, or time cut off from fourth block”.

Speaking of lunch, Student Council President, Stella Meyers, says, “clubs are selling food like we do in homecoming, we will be in the blue gym…Students will get that list on Monday”

Don’t forget to grab your food list on Monday and complete your daily challenges. Pictures of the spirit week will get attached to this article on the following Monday.