Wynne High School E-Sports team started their new season February 6th,  their practicing for their pre-season matches. Last season, Delta Swarm made it to the state play offs although they lost in the first round against Van Buren high school . Esports member Donovan Hutchinson tells us how he felt about playoffs, “When I observed it seemed pretty hard and the other team used other skills we haven’t learned”. Returning member Seth Essary gives his opinion on how playoffs went, “For our first time ever competing it was quite challenging because the team we competed against had more years of experience and this was our first time but we held are on” .

Wynne will  continue playing Rocket league this season both teams preparing for their upcoming matches with help from new members DeAngelo Long,Matthias McDaniel,Alex Willis, and Nick Ledford both teams look forward to making it to play offs again but hope for a better outcome.Come and support both teams every Thursday in the East room while they play against other opponents.