America 100 Years Ago

Seth Poindexter, Reporter

In the year 1918, the Allies and Germany signed the Treaty of Versailles, marking the end of Work War 1. Two years later a new decade arrives, and with it: prosperity for America.

Historians call it “The Roaring Twenties”.

“It was the opposite of the Great Depression”, says sophomore Carlee Nguyen.

The name refers to the ten year long period of growth for the economy and the market during the 1920’s. The U.S. sparked its production rate for the war effort, and the government kept the pace up when the fighting stopped. Mass production had made the prices of things like car parts, radios, and home appliances less. Foreign countries purchased American goods after the war, however tariffs raised taxes on imported products, which heartened U.S. citizens to buy items from America. Industries thrived and the market sky rocketed; truly a time of affluence in U.S. history.

This all occurred 100 years ago. 2020 has brought some action into the world and onto the news. Violence in Iran, earthquakes in Puerto Rico, and fires in Australia have made their appearance on a lot of people’s TV’s. Britain threatens to leave the EU, worrying many European citizens. One might wonder if 2020 will bring us into a decade of growth, or an age of unease.

“It’s terrible because it’s destroying other peoples’ homes”, remarks Summer Winders, talking about the Puerto Rico earthquakes.

Tenth grader Logan Bushey shows his sympathy concerning the Australia wild fires: “I feel sorry for the people living in there.”

However, everyone has things to look forward to, such as: the Olympics, a total eclipse, new movies, and multiple historical anniversaries.

Bushey shows his appreciation for the Olympics: “It is a good way to unite everyone.”

Will the 2020’s manifest itself in history as an era of development? Who knows?