Chaos on the Court

With 13 teams and 78 people competing, Volleyball Madness makes students from all grades witnesses to utter mayhem. $6 per person and $30 per team made up the toll for those who dared step foot onto the court.

Each team had a diverse 6 man roster comprised of inexperienced boys and girls accompanied by varsity players. No Bystanders, The Turners, HOSA 6IX, New Kids On The Block, Scared Hitless, Yellow Smackets, Block Busters, The Goats, Hard Hittas, Jumping Joes, HOSA Divas, The Cold 6IX, and Mission Unblockable titled the teams that participated.

Sophomore Emily Hale, who played for The Goats as well as the YellowJackets, described what it was like to play with the callow: “It was kind of weird, but it was ok”. Despite the struggle for 25 points, ┬áHale said she enjoyed playing. Katie McKay, tenth grader who hasn’t avidly played volleyball, talked about playing in front of the school. McKay said, ” It was easy, I wasn’t really worried about it.” When asked if she had fun McKay replied,”… for the most part.”

The aftermath of the tournament left No Bystanders undefeated and champions of Volleyball Madness. The GOATS claimed second place, followed by The New Kids on the Block in third.