Soccer Tryouts

Sharline Vanpelt, Author


Soccer tryouts started with a kick on December 2nd. Tryouts will last until December 12th, when the soccer coach, Aaron Russel, will make the last cuts to the team; he made the first cuts on December 6th, leaving the girls team with 19 members, and the boys with 25. The girl’s team will no longer have cuts and will keep all 19 girls.

   Team member, Katie McCay, says, “soccer tryouts were serious but in a good way”. She also shares her excitement for the season, “I’m looking forward to getting closer with all the girls and playing at the away games”.

After one week of tryouts, Coach Russel shares his prediction for the following season stating, “…I think we will be a good side this year in both boys and girls. We have a lot of upsides and I look to improve on last season”.

The Team’s Potential

“I think our potential lies in our numbers. We are lucky enough to have enough players on each team to ensure that we can cover injuries and times when someone might be unavailable…”, Russel states regarding the large teams this year.

Having the numbers, however, mean nothing without each player having skill and dedication. They have three months before the season starts to improve. With just a week of tryouts, Russel has pinpointed areas that need practice and growth.

“We have to be better with our ball skills, Our dribbling and decision making must improve. The players also must buy-in to the new system and be willing to work for the team above themselves in order to make sure we are all on the same page with our game plan. With change comes adjustments, but by the time the season rolls around, we will be ready” says Russel, confident for the season.

Mccay also sees potential saying, “ I think we’ll have a pretty good year and that we have a lot of potential”.

A Crowd’s Support

Even with growth in their skill sets, teams still need support for a win. “ I cannot stress enough the importance of a crowd to a soccer match…”, Russel encourages supporters, “…They can make up some songs, cheer us on, they can do so much for our teams. Soccer is very much interactive; the atmosphere off the pitch can definitely turn a game for better or worse”.

Your support at games has the potential to give the teams more dedication. Come see for yourself how the teams perform this year and give them support at their games.