This year Wynne High School, like any other year will sell yearbooks. From November to December 18, the yearbooks will cost $55, known as the discount price. After Christmas, the yearbooks will cost $70. Students who want to buy a yearbook, can go to Mrs. Wren Scott rooms in building 1, room 111 or in the building 1 office. Students who want to order a yearbook can fill out a slip, saying that they want to order a $55 2020 WHS yearbook, or a $65 2020 WHS yearbook with their name on it. You can buy your yearbook at:

Makenzie Helton, who is the editor of the yearbook staff says,” It generally takes from August to March to complete the yearbook”.

Christopher Smiley also adds that, ” I stuck with the yearbook because I loved to write about sports and I still get the chance to do what, I love to do, and will soon find a passion for photography as well”.

Remember to buy a yearbook!