Boy’s Basketball

Jada Johnson, reporter

Basketball season begins with a lot of players returning  from last season. The team works hard this season to prepare. Head Coach for the Jackets, J.D. Parker says, “We are excited about the upcoming season.”

In practice Parker expects his players to apply defensive pressure on the ball handler, contain dribble penetration, in good ball-you-man defensive position, help on defensive rotations, contest shots box out, and pursue rebounds and lose balls. In practice, Coach J.D. Parker teaches unity, toughness, and determination on a daily basis. He says, “We also expect our players to be consistent with their attitude and effort.” In practice Coach J.D. Parker teaches them to have skill development, offensive and defensive breakdown and situational 5 on 5.

Junior, Omarion Marrs, says of his strengths and weaknesses, “I’m a good leader, and I play hard in practice. My weakness is that I get irritated fast but I can hold it in.”

Coach Parker says he hopes the student body will come out to support all of the basketball teams this year. They look forward to the start of the season. The jackets take on Mills University, December 3 in a season opener,