The Wynne Animal Rescue Shelter

Raelyn Winfrey, Reporter/Editor

Wynne Animal Rescue Shelter, rumored to be closed due to lack of funding and city complaints.

The Mayor of Wynne and the City Council terminated all contract agreements with Wynne Animal Shelter. The Contract Agreement would provide the $62,000 a year with expense, equaled over to $75,000. Now, the shelter will operate from donations and willing taxpayers.

Mayor Jennifer Hobbs says, “The shelter is not affiliated with the city. I believe they had become reliant on city funds the last few years and will have to adjust their management and reorganize for the future. They do have a 501C3 status which entitles them to grant funding as well as allows any donation made to them a charitable contribution and therefore a tax deduction for a tax-paying citizen. It is my job as mayor to manage our city as well as make sure the taxpayers receive maximum benefits for their money”.

In return to the funding from the City Of Wynne, the WARS would ensure animal control and take care of themselves. According to Mayor Jennifer Hobbs, those terms were not met.

“As far as complaints, I received many as well as did the police department. Most often it was from people who had tried to contact animal control and could not get an answer. Other complaints received beyond that of the dogs running in neighborhoods and not being able to reach animal control were also from citizens who had repeatedly tried to work with animal control and had no results. The money for animal control was put into the police department budget, but there was no way for us to hold them accountable as to when they worked or consequences if they did not work” says mayor Hobbs.

They said to be closed OCT 18, however since the termination they have received more than 40 calls and retrieved 20 dogs, returning 12 of them to their homes.