Strumming by Ear

Student Spotlight

Marion Holloway


Seth Poindexter, a student at Wynne high school and a band member plays acoustic and electric guitar. He was eleven when he first started playing, it took him four to five months to learn how to play. He learned how to able to play by ear in three years. He has played guitar for four to five years, although, he has only participated in the Wynne High School band for a year.


 His guitar teacher inspired him to join the band, he practices once a day for around 2 hours. His fellow band members are Cara Silky, Emma Daily, and Logan Eidt.  When I asked what he loved the most about the band he said ‘ I really like music, it helps me get through things, and helped me make friends.” Seth has developed skills in cooperation and patience from playing in the band.


Despite Seth’s talent, he does not see a future in playing. Seth says he does not see a future in it, because “it’s hard to make people enjoy it.” He still wants to play in his free time.