The Real History of Thanksgiving

November 8, 2019

Many Americans tend to get lost in the over indulgence of what they think the first pilgrims really ate, why they feasted, and where they ate certain foods in 1621:  Pumpkin Pie, Turkey, and Sweet Potatoes- all traditional Thanksgiving Dinner dishes.

Quentasia Isabell says “Turkey was definitely the most important dish the pilgrims ate.” Jada Johnson adds, “the turkey was important because it was big enough to feed them all.”

However, at the first Thanksgiving Dinner no evidence proves that they even ate turkey.

Amerika Lyons says, “The most important dessert the pilgrims ate was pumpkin pie because they had to eat things they could grow.”

 Although they did serve Pumpkin, no ovens existed for baking, only open fire;  they also lacked wheat  flour for crust.

Seth Poindexter says, “Corn was the most important vegetable the pilgrims ate, because the Indians had a special thing with different colored corn.”

Kiara Griffin says, “Sweet Potatoes were the most important dish pilgrims ate, because you could cook them and you could make different types of dishes with them”.

Sorry to burst your bubble, but Sweet Potatoes along with Pumpkin Pie and Turkey did not make the menu because they found no Sweet Potatoes in North America at the time.

Most people don’t know much about the History of Thanksgiving, or they know very little and incorrect facts about it. People around Wynne High Schools answer the question, What do you know about the History Thanksgiving?

Lisa Twyford a staff member replies, “It was an effort to build relationship.They wanted to have a time where they could come together and play and be thankful.”Another staff member says, “It was celebrated by settlers in James Town and they ate corn.” A substitute teacher Angela Hicks states, “When the Pilgrims came over on the Mayflower was the first Thanksgiving.”

Pilgrims as we know today did, in fact sail on the Mayflower, from Plymouth, England in 1620 but they did not refer to themselves as pilgrims-they actually called themselves separatist-the term pilgrim didn’t come around until 1880.

Many people  think that pilgrims came to North America for religious reasons but according to the NewYork Times, “The pilgrims had religious freedom in Holland…the pilgrims came toNorth America to make money.” The Pilgrims arrived to the New World with clear lands and a spring available, which happened to become a good place to settle.The land became available because every Native that lived there died do to the plague.

 The Pilgrims celebrated a successful harvest  held with foods such as Cornmeal, Pumpkin, Succotash, Cranberries, and around 90 Native people. So next time someone asks you about the History of Thanksgiving you will know. 

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