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Staff: Connor Lynch, Spencer Parker

A global industry worth more than 1 billion dollars in 2019 has made its way to Wynne High School. The Arkansas Activities Association partnered up with Play Vs, an organization out of California. More than 80 schools in Arkansas participate in Esports, an online gaming competition treated just like a physical sport. You must have the standard academic requirements to play.  Wynne will only participate in Rocket league.

Mr. Jerry Harvey and Mr. Blake Jones assist Mr. Adam Goins . Coach Goins tells what inspired him to start coaching, “I was asked to, and I enjoy competitive gaming”.  Captain of Deltaswarm Dalton Szufflita says, “It can be one of the mass sports that strategic gaming can offer giving people a chance to build on there strengths and weaknesses”.  Captain of the Yellowjackets Donovan Hutchison says,  “A lot of schools have a good competitive gaming club and it will be a great idea for having ours go compete for nationals and state”.

Wynne consists of 2 teams- the Yellowjackets: Donovan Hutchinson(offense), David Burns(mid-field), Cody Austen(defense); Deltaswarm :Dalton Szuflita(offense), Seth Essary(mid-field), and Nick Crofferd(defense).  During their first match, on October 31, the Yellowjackets victorious with a record of  (1-3) and Deltaswarm a record of(2-1).  Their current record Yellowjackets(3-1) Deltaswarm(1-3).

“Esports brings students from diverse backgrounds together for a common goal,” says coach Goins. The first E-sports team from Arkansas, Henderson State University offers scholarships for competitive gaming. Bryant High School wins the first E-sports championship against Greenwood on May 11 winning best out of 7 matches. This sports has become so popular in Arkansas that 200 colleges and universities in North America have started providing scholarships related to E-sports.

Come support on December 5th Yellow Jackets vs Marion and Deltaswarm vs Valley View.