363 Feed The Need Fundraiser


Featured By Quentasia Isabell

Quentasia Isabell, Reporter


This year Wynne High School has teamed up with 363 Feed the Need, which the community knows as, “ A local and national organization that provides backpacks with food for students over weekends and holidays”. This event occurred on Friday, November 8th from 5:30-7:30. People came to enjoy tasting different soups, make donations, and they could buy homemade bowls. 

This fundraiser came into act with the help of Jerry Harvey, the EAST Teacher, Luanne Dugan, and Angela Benderman, the Art teacher. According to Harvey, this event started ‘’when EAST approached the art club with an idea for an empty bowls event as a possibility”. 

Benderman believes that this event will help the community because, “When everyone has the things they need then our community is healthier, stronger, happier, and more close-knit”. 

Dugan believes that this event will help the community,“ By supporting children/families in need and by bringing awareness to the local program”. She also adds, “ It is the “brainchild” of EAST class taught by Mr. Jerry Harvey, and organized by student Camille Cathey.” Dugan also says,” Most all school clubs are participating” in this event, to make the soups. 

Mr. Harvey says, “ The handmade bowls will be sold for 20$ or $15 ( depending on size) or you can make a donation of 5 dollars for a styrofoam bowl”. 

According to Mr. Harvey, “this event was spearheaded by the Art Club and EAST but many other people and clubs made it a success.” Harvey also adds that ” The final total was  $1545.84.”