Seth Poindexter, Assistant Editor and Reporter

Picture by Robotics

At Wynne High School, a group of students prepared their agility, strength and speed for an upcoming competition. They didn’t practice on a field or court, but in a classroom. In Mrs. Seawood’s Draft and Design class, the students built and tested a robot for their first robotics competition.

Ericka Faircloth, Nathaniel Stephens, Drake Melton, Jeremy Bradshaw, and Megan Hill put time and effort into constructing the project. They worked on it during enrichment and after school. Stephens depicted the robot’s design: “We based it off of the Tsar tank… it has two big front wheels and small back wheels… so we can save motors and increase speed.” When asked about its best part he replied, “I’d say the arm is probably the best part and the front wheel design.”

The BEST Robotics competition tested the bot’s might in their “Off The Grid” coarse. The course had a natural disaster theme. The robot had to reattach telephone wires and pick up logs along with the other problems laid throughout the coarse. However, technical difficulties also created obstacles for the team. Issues with the controller and batteries produced some delays, but they managed to pick themselves up and win the “Blood, Sweat & Duct Tape” award. Mrs. Seawood greatly described their achievement: ” The ‘Blood, Sweat & Duct Tape’ award is awarded to the team whose machine overcame seemingly insurmountable odds and its members persevered and worked hard to remain competitive and never gave up.” This, along with a portable tool case from Caldwell Lumber, and a check for $250 from Entergy, made up the spoils for a YellowJacket victory.