To The Greater Good


Featured By: Quentasia Isabell

Quentasia Isabell, Reporter

During the holidays, people should help give back to the greater good. Wynne High School will help give back to people who occur as less fortunate. The library of Wynne High School will accept canned food for fines from October 28 to November 20. Each can of food will credit a student’s account for 50 cents.  The library will donate all the canned goods to the Good Shepherd Center.  The Librarian Mrs. Jones  says, ” There are a lot of people that don’t have as much food to eat and I feel like if you do have a lot of blessings you should share with those who don’t.”

The library will also collect old jewelry, scarves and purses, along with other accessories and gift items for the annual Bags to Riches held in December. They will sell these items to people who would like to buy them.

Mrs. Angela Benderman, the art teacher, has recycled dried out clay from her art class to decorate bowls  donated  to the “Empty Bowls Fundraiser” on Senior night, November 8. “People are allowed to come and pick out the bowl they like, pay a donation and then they can enjoy a dinner sampling all the different kinds of soups”,  says Mrs. Benderman.

Benderman also says that she has donated 50$ a month to St. Jude to help give back to the people in need. “…  giving back to the greater good means to me that a lot of us have a little something to spare and we should share the spare to make sure everyone in our community who is in need can have a better quality of life. When everyone has the things they need our community is healthier, stronger, happier, and more close-knit. And that benefits all of us”.