Wynne High School’s New Stinger Closet


Kiara Griffin, Reporter

Wynne High School has its very own Stinger Closet. Mrs. Twyford, a teacher for 9th  and 10th grade; teaches CBA, Accounting, and Social Media, has information  for the Stinger Closet.”Mrs. Stacie Schlenker started  the organization of the closet. Mrs. Mingo, in the building 4 office and I partner to mange the closet. Mrs. Worden’s class organized the clothes by size and hung up our recently- donated clothes,” Mrs. Twyford states.The closet started three years ago through a momentary donation to gather the original supplies. “It is our desire that this donation will relieve stress from our student and help them to better be able to focus on other things,” says Twyford.

Twyford admits, “I love that we have a closet…I just want to get the things we have to the students who needs them! It frustrates me for items to be locked in a closet when it all should be worn by our students.” Mrs. Stacie Schkenker, a school board member has came up with this idea. In the Stinger Closet, you can get shirts, t-shirts, pants, shoes, socks, hoodies, jackets, coats, hygiene products, soap, shampoo, lotion, washing detergent, and backpacks.

Mrs. Stacie Schlenker states, “The Stinger Store started because we notice a lot of people coming to school everyday that really didn’t have tennis shoes that were in good condition, so we came up with the concept called the Stinger Store, and that’s simply to have clothes, shoes hygiene products feminine  products for girls, laundry detergent so people who are raising themselves have access to what they need to take care of themselves at home.”